Segredos de Portugal

Te koop: quinta aan de Douro

Een vriend van ons verkoopt de familieboerderij aan de Douro.

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The 30 acres property “Quinta da Lama Redonda” in Armamar town is 600 meters high the Douro River. This old and beautiful historical property was once part of the Monastic Cister Order (Salzedas Monastery), recently recovered. They are both from the XII century, around the same birth time of Portugal.

“Quinta da Lama Redonda” has been in my family since the XVIII
Century and it has been well taken care. Five years ago I personally conduct a strict infrastructural renewal. The factions of the property are:
Manor house, that we still inhabit at the present time;
1 total recovered smaller house, that was used to be inhabit by the caretakers of the property;
4 volumes of old farming and cattle warehouses perfect to be recovered and transformed into charmful cozy houses.

From the 30 acres, 24 are rented by a local company specialized in picking “Mountain Apples”, Armamar regional apples brand, that they export World Wide. This renting contract was made to last 20 years, being 5 already passed; the annual rent is higher each passing year making this the main financial support source that manages the property. The other remaining 6 acres are available to grow vegetables, trees and fruit bushes, a vineyard and olive grove for personal/owners use. Still under this contract there is a termination clause for the same, accordingly to the intentions of the potential buyer.

I am selling the property for the total of 1.8 Millions of Euros (€), being negotiable till 1.5 Millions of € the market value. We have 2 market evaluations made by 2 top professional companies.

All being said, if you are interested in buying this amazing property please contact me through my e-mail :